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Goat Simulator 3

Goat Simulator 3 Di động (Gamescom 2023) - Một sự điên rồ bỏ túi đến!

Phần tiếp theo rất được hoan nghênh của một trong những loạt phim điên rồ nhất của ngành công nghiệp trò chơi điện tử cuối cùng đã đến trong một phiên bản di động, bỏ túi để chúng ta có thể thưởng thức những trò hề điên rồ của nó ở bất cứ đâu, bất cứ khi nào và theo cách chúng ta muốn. Bạn muốn biết chúng tôi nghĩ gì về phiên bản này khi dùng thử trong Gamescom 2023? Sau đó xem video của chúng tôi!

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Hello everyone and welcome to a brand new, you didn't expect this, a brand new Gamereactor Gamescom Impressions video in which today, even though we ended these videos a couple of weeks ago, we're here to announce that yes, today, Goat Simulator 3 on mobile, it's been announced and yes, we played it at Gamescom 2023. So that's why we're uploading this video today, 25th October because it's been announced today and we couldn't say anything but here we are back again to share with you our very own impressions of this mobile version of the crazy simulation title."

"Well, simulation, we'll talk about this. If you don't know about the main title, the title that we're talking about, it's been available already on PC and on consoles, if I'm not wrong. Well, Goat Simulator 3 is a third-person sandbox adventure game in which you get to become a goat, if you didn't expect that. And well, basically, we're going to drive without a license, murder goats, cause chaos, complete weird quests, discover a lot of weird mysteries and, well, be surprised all the time by the different events that we're going to live in there. Yeah, the usual goat things, no? What do you do as a goat? Just all the things. If you don't know the title, you should know that these games are, well, super crazy games. Actually, the main game, Goat Simulator, started as an April Fool's joke, okay? The idea just burned out of a game jam and basically it was an April Fool's joke. But, well, it was super cool, people enjoyed it a lot and they decided to keep going with the titles. And basically, that's what we've been doing since they released this Goat Simulator and since they released the next sequels, okay? So, now that you know more or less the context of the game, just in case that you don't know the base game or the PC version game, now we can say that, yes, this Goat Simulator 3 on mobile is going to be released. We don't know exactly when, but it's going to be released at some point and on mobiles."

"So then, what's the main difference or what's new in this mobile version? Is it going to be the same game, Rebecca? We don't know anything. Okay, I'm here to tell you all those things.
Don't worry. Basically, we're going to have the exactly same game, okay? It's not about experimenting anything new, it's just about bringing the fun of the, well, of the PC version on mobile. So, basically, what are we going to find in this mobile version? Basically, goats. Yes, surprise."

"The same open world to explore, the same map, the same quest challenges and secrets to uncover as the PC and console versions of Goat Simulator 3, okay? Obviously, we're going to find chaos.
We're going to find chaos all alone or with a friend, but just with a friend, okay? Because that's the, I would say, the only difference between the PC version and the mobile version."

"In this case, in the mobile version, we're just going to, well, we'll just be able, sorry, we'll just be able to play with one more friend and that was a difference between the PC and mobile because on PC we could play up to four players, okay? We could play ourselves with three more friends and now we can play just with one more via local co-op, okay? But it's still funny, okay? I can assure you. Actually, I played with one member of the development team and it was super funny to just, well, went wild and bring chaos to the city and be surprised about the insane things that you can do as a goat, so don't worry for that. And, well, what else can we find in this version? Basically, well, even though you can just play with a friend, as I've just said, you could break off that friendship with the different mini games that the game has going to offer you and basically just, well, customize your goat however you want to, have fun, complete the missions that you want, complete the different challenges with the best score, etc."

"Enjoy the weird, crazy, insane and hilarious physics that the game has and basically, as I've said, the exactly same experience that on PC but on your mobile phones and just with one more friend instead of three more, up to three more, okay? But I have to say that even though, in my very own case, I'm not that familiar with mobile games. I don't usually play mobile games because I get bored or because, well, I don't feel comfortable, etc. But I have to admit that this time I played this game obviously on a mobile phone and it was really, really comfortable, all the controls and all the mechanics felt really, really good on mobile phone, which was a surprise for me because, as I've said, I'm not used to playing any mobile games on a smartphone or a phone or whatever. And it was a positive surprise, a good surprise. And it actually reminds me definitely to the base game, of course, because it's the same game. But yes, indeed, I played it and it's completely the same experience, the same quest, because I don't know if you remember, but I played Goat Simulator 3 on PC. I don't know how long ago, but I played it when it was released, I guess. And, well, I was able at Gamescom 2023 to play the exact same missions that I played on PC when the PC version was released. So yes, indeed, if you want the same experience, but in a portable way, you can have it with this mobile version. So if your question is, am I going to be able to play the same experience or to have the same experience as a PC player? Yes, you'll be able to have it because it's exactly the same. The game works perfectly fine. It wasn't laggy at all, even though we've been playing in this multiplayer mode."

"It wasn't laggy at all. Everything worked perfectly. And it was a really, really funny experience there at Gamescom 2023. So in case that you liked Goat Simulator 3 on PC or on consoles, if you don't know the title, but you want something fresh, you want something wild to play with a friend at your own house, for example, or whatever, this is a really, really good well, a good game to just try out with your friend and you're going to laugh a lot. It's crazy."

"Don't expect it to be super serious or whatever. Don't expect it to find any sense at what you're doing. Just have fun. Go on. Just laugh with your friend and try out this portable version, which looks really, really interesting. As I've said, in general, I would say that my very own impressions were super positive, that I didn't expect it, that it was so satisfying in terms of controls, movement, etc., even though it was a mobile phone, which you can think that maybe it's not enough in terms of components, etc. And it can be a little bit laggy, but it wasn't."

"And all the controls, all the joysticks on screen, maybe you can think also that they can feel a little bit tough, but they weren't. So don't worry at all. If you want the same experience or you want to discover this new experience for you on your mobile phone, this is the perfect choice for you. And don't hesitate to just try it out because you're not going to regret it. It works perfectly. It was super fun. It was super funny. And it's a crazy game that I encourage everyone to try out at least once in their lives because it's, I don't know, it's like anything that I've ever tried before. And it always makes me smile and makes me laugh so hard because it's insane. And I know that I've said that word so many times, but it's my very own description for this game. So there you have it. So, well, I would say that's it. The same experience, except that instead of up to four players, this time it would be up to two, okay, via local co-op. But in general, it's going to be the same experience in a really comfortable and portable way for you. As I've said, we don't have any exact date, but well, but well, I don't think it's going to take that much. Maybe next year. I don't know. I have no idea, but we don't have any release date yet. Again, I encourage you to try out this game developed by Coffee Stain North, okay, and to try out this mobile version that will release soon, let's say, on iOS and on Android. Okay, so there you go. I hope you've enjoyed it. I hope that you can try it out once it's officially released. And I hope that you've enjoyed my very own impressions video and see you in the next one. Who knows? Maybe we have more surprises and maybe we have more secret announcements to talk about in here, in this video. So stay tuned and always check out our gamereactor.yourdomainofchoice to, well, know all the video game news, okay?
Thank you so much for being here. See you in the next Game Reactor video. Bye-bye!"





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