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Nio ET5 Touring - Giờ EV

Một gói linh hoạt bên trong và vẻ ngoài tuyệt vời ở bên ngoài làm cho chiếc EV này khó có thể trở thành một chiếc xe toàn diện.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Who's to say what happens when the dust finally settles on the Great EV War, which has not only seen major established giants scramble to come up with new models to fit this brand new market essentially, but also new competitors hit the scene and really have some quite clever ideas as to how to put together not just expensive, but just really nice car for the modern age."

"One of the manufacturers that I hope make it is NIO because I've driven the ET7 and this is the ET5 Touring.
If there is one thing that both of these cars share is that the platform, the idea, the basis, all of the big picture stuff is so incredibly great at this early stage that it'd be a shame to see them go."

"Let's take a drive.
I just said take a drive, but before we do that, can we just marvel at how pretty this car is?
I mean, it's absolutely gorgeous, particularly in this quite pale orange color."

"We'll definitely be showing you a lot of drone shots of this car in this video.
I can tell you that much.
But that Touring back end, again, that striking colorway, the matching brake caliber color right there, I mean, it's both sleek and taut, but at the same time, there is space to spread out and not feel too clamped inside."

"I think it is absolutely gorgeous and I wouldn't hesitate a second to purchase this car, not only based on the characteristics, but the looks.
I have gotten so many envious looks in this car in just a few days that I've been in it.
And okay, now we can go for a drive."

"Let's go.
360 kilowatt dual motor with four wheel drive, 0 to 100 in four seconds, 7.1.4 surround sound with Dolby Atmos, 435 kilometers of range on the standard battery, optional electrical trailer hitch that can carry up to 1.4 tons."

"It's a versatile package and combined with these looks, it's quite hard to find a better all-rounder if you love both sporty handling, suspension and throttle response, while also having a day-to-day with children, transporting bicycles around and just, you know, living normally."

"The ET5 Touring balances on this precariously thin line and it does so quite excellently.
The interior is one aspect where you can really feel that NIO cars are available at a bit of a premium price point.
Now, I've been on the record in the ET7 review to basically say that I think that this is perhaps one of the most tasteful interiors that you can have in a modern EV today."

"And that very much clears as well for the ET5 Touring.
I mean, there are a few small differences here, such as this sustainably sourced plastics material that you find.
You can probably see these little white specks in it."

"I thought it was kind of like paint dust at first, but it is very intentional and it is actually quite good looking.
You still have this shifter here, which is incredibly delightful to use.
It's simply a tap towards you to drive and a tap away from you to reverse."

"This wireless charger works incredibly well and they've made an effort to not overcomplicate things.
Everything is incredibly smooth and just nice to look at.
And this kind of wooly tactile material here is a really nice touch."

"And then we get to the screen here.
It is, I think, quite a fantastic little thing.
I mean, for sure, you can do more advanced systems in other cars, but this has everything you need right here."

"This is the home screen, which means sat-nav with going to home or to work, a little summary of how your car is doing, how many days it's been with you, how many kilometers are on it, as well as media information.
And a quick tap here over on the apps list here will give you a range of different ways that you can customize."

"So in media, you get access to apps like Spotify and you can go to Bluetooth or even use Tidal, which I think is a really nice touch.
And well, there's just a whole host of different cool things.
It pairs with your phone."

"It does everything that you require it to do.
It's not the biggest screen in the world, but you really don't need it to be any bigger than that.
And that goes for the command screen here in front of me as well."

"I mean, and combine that with this electrostatic sunroof over here, which can basically change color not rapidly, but it can change color if you want it to.
That means that if you want it transparent, you can have it like that.
Or if you want it to be more of a solid color, essentially it replaces the need for a piece of canvas that rolls all the way from the back to the front in order to shield you from the sun, basically."

"Really nice cabin.
I don't mind Nomi as we've already established.
It's just a really nice place to sit.
Gotta be honest with you."

"So here we are at the end of another video.
I had my reservations about the larger, more expensive ET7.
And at that point in time, I didn't really know whether or not the battery swap technology or Nomi would catch on."

"But right now, at the end of my lone period of the ET5 touring, I realized that it doesn't really matter because what NIO have built here, at the very least, is an incredibly responsive and exciting driving tool that gives me the same personality, the same soul and the same quality driving characteristics that I would expect out of a BMW, out of a Mercedes, out of an Audi."

"And this, while expensive, is cheaper than a lot of those.
So for one, look at it.
It's one of the prettiest cars on the roads you'll see today.
But beyond that, it has something extra, meaning that I will probably recommend this to a lot of people that I talk cars with."

"And I really do hope that NIO make it because with the ET5 touring, they have proven to me, and hopefully at least partially to you, that they have something to say.
I hope I get to drive more NIOs.
I would really want to."

"See you on the next one."

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