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      Games To Look For - Tháng Bảy 2024

      Cùng điểm qua những trận đấu lớn nhất ra mắt vào tháng 7/2024.

      Phiên âm âm thanh

      "Summer Game Fest is well and truly over and now we're in the lulling period of the season where temperatures soar and we wait in eager anticipation for Gamescom in late August.
      Where July can often be very barren in regard to new launches, for this year we have a decent slate of promising games making their debut, from anticipated expansions to narrative-heavy adventures, to retro collections and action RPGs, to various sports options and strategy experiences too."

      "There's a lot to look ahead to this July so with that in mind, let's dive into this next episode of Games to Look For.
      Kicking off the month is Nexon's big action shooter The First Descendant.
      This game is all about teaming up with friends to use a collection of powerful characters and weapons to destroy and overcome dangerous adversaries."

      "It's the next major title to be dubbed a Destiny Killer for its apparent similarities to Bungie's MMO shooter and will be opening its doors at the start of the month on July 2nd.
      The next major chapter of Square Enix's MMORPG takes players to a new continent to put the abilities of two new jobs to the test."

      "This expansion brings players to the fantastical shores of Tyrell to become wrapped up in new conspiracy plots surrounding which individual will and should become the next ruler of the golden city located in the land.
      Bringing new dungeons, raids, fresh challenges and an expanded level cap, this is set to be a big update for fans of the long-running title."

      "The most ferocious and badass title of the month, Angerfoot, is all about using your angry feet to kick and stomp out the criminal threat of Shit City, all as part of a revenge plot after one of the ruling gang stole your prized sneaker collection.
      Chaotic, action-packed, gritty and simple, this game is ideal for those looking to get their next Hotline Miami fix."

      "Looking for something a little more toned down and relaxing this summer?
      Hollow Pond's Flock is a great option.
      This indie gem is all about exploring a colourful and tranquil land while riding a large bird, documenting and studying the avian wildlife that call it home along the way."

      "It's a steadier and more relaxing experience about living in the moment and will no doubt be perfect for those looking for something akin to bug snacks this summer.
      The sun may rarely set, but that doesn't mean the summer isn't an ideal time to bask in some vampiric goodness."

      "Toadman Interactive is looking to deliver its action-packed, cooperative vampire power fantasy Evil v Evil this July, allowing fans to run and gun and bite and claw their way through hordes of enemies without any remorse.
      With the aim of the game about determining the true intentions of a cruel cultist leader, Evil v Evil is looking to be the ideal game to satisfy your bloodthirsty urges this month."

      "The Polish critical hit Games is taking us on a trip to 24th century New York City in the coming immersive noir thriller Nobody Wants to Die.
      This game puts players into the shoes of Detective James Carra as he is tasked with solving the murder of the city's elites all using his powerful reconstructor device that allows him to piece together chunks of a crime scene to find secrets and clues otherwise hidden to the naked eye."

      "Adventure and mystery fans will no doubt have Nobody Wants to Die high on their wishlists.
      It's not always easy to get away for a vacation during the summer but thankfully Micro Bird Games is here to offer a solution.
      The indie developer will be transporting players to the Alps in their upcoming Dungeons of Hinterberg."

      "An action-adventure RPG that's all about exploring the surrounding area, slaying dangerous monsters and solving puzzles to conquer the complex dungeons that the game derives its namesake from.
      With a striking art style, a smooth snowboarding or movement system and various colourful locals to meet, you won't want to miss this delightful indie title."

      "It's become a bit of a trend to combine action RPG gameplay with godslaying.
      We can thank God of War for that.
      The folk over at A44 Games are putting their own unique spin on the format in Flintlock The Siege of Dawn, a title that sees players overcoming the gods and their armies of undead following their arrival from the great below."

      "By combining the fast-paced and high-mobility action and skills of Gnor with the abilities of your fox-like companion Enki, here you will need to use magic and might to save the city of Dawn from destruction.
      Nintendo may offer a variety of NES, SNES, GameCube, Game Boy and additional titles from older formats via its Switch Online subscription, but for those looking for a more challenging experience that puts your speedrunning skills to the test, there is one title that stands out this July."

      "Nintendo World Championships NES Edition brings together over 150 challenges from 13 NES titles and challenges you to beat them as fast as humanly possible and to earn your place on a global leaderboard.
      This is truly a speedrunner's dream."

      "American College Football isn't very popular outside of the US, but that doesn't mean that this game isn't a compelling one all the same.
      After years of waiting, EA is tapping the college scene once again to create a Madden-like sports title featuring the most promising athletes of the NFL of tomorrow."

      "Coming to only consoles, this game will take players to some of the biggest and most exciting college stadiums around the US to play as athletes from 134 available teams.
      Capcom's next big game will transport players to the Edo period of Japan to experience an unusual hybrid of hack and slash action and strategic tower defence."

      "Kanitsugami Path of the Goddess is all about using a masked hero to defend the luminous goddess of the mountain as she cleanses corruption and frees the tormented fauna and locals from its clutches.
      With a day one Game Pass launch, this is definitely a title to check out if you have access to the subscription."

      "The continuation of Frontier's simulation series once again tasks players to take on the role of being a team principal in the world of Formula One.
      Expected to lead the team and make crucial decisions about the car's development, finance, driver and personnel and strategies come race day, this game is all about the off-track decisions and challenges that go into running an F1 organisation."

      "This year's iteration adds a few extra mechanics and systems to make your life a little bit more difficult, including staff and driver morale and mechanical failures.
      Needless to say, don't expect a free ride this year.
      The strategy survival sequel is finally ready to make its arrival."

      "The folk at 11-Bit Studios are ready to take players to an Earth 30 years following an apocalyptic blizzard where the aim is to build a thriving, and more importantly, surviving city that can overcome the challenges and demands of limited water supply and food, sub-zero temperatures and conflicting factions that often find themselves at each other's throats."

      "Have an easy day with this upcoming and harsh sequel.
      That about wraps up another month of games to look for.
      Be sure to return in a few weeks when we see what August is bringing to the table for gamers around the world."

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