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Planet Coaster 2

Frontier Developments cho chúng ta biết về một thế giới (nước) hoàn toàn mới trong Planet Coaster 2

Chúng tôi đã bắt gặp các chuyên gia mô phỏng người Anh để tìm hiểu thêm về phần tiếp theo sắp tới, vừa được công bố và chuẩn bị ra mắt vào mùa thu trên PC và bảng điều khiển.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Gamereactor.
Today I'm here with the lovely couple of lads from Frontier Developments.
I'm here with Rich and Adam."

"Two people who are working on a sequel that I'm very excited about.
It's because we're returning to the world of Planet Coaster.
Planet Coaster 1 came out a few years ago, but now it's time to go further into the future, into a sequel, simply known as Planet Coaster 2, which is quite nice."

"So this is a game that I got to see a little bit about yesterday, but I'm here now to speak with you lads to learn a little bit more about it, see what this game is really bringing to the table and why it's special.
So tell me a little bit about it, guys."

"Why now? Why is now the perfect time to return to the world of Planet Coaster?
Why is the sequel coming out in 2024?
Well, I think it's a perfect time.
It's been a number of years since the original Planet Coaster, and it's great to bring those community requested water parks, as well as a lot of content and features to the game as well."

"So we've got our water parks, we have our new creative tools, we have new management features and new ways to collaborate together and share your parks and creations as well.
So we think it's just been a great time to bring Planet Coaster to players."

"And it's still such an engaged community.
They're really excited about what we could bring, and it's really exciting to be able to finally start talking about what we are bringing to Planet Coaster 2.
Yeah, there's still a passionate community of fans that are playing the game, that are sharing their creations of what they're building."

"So yeah, it's a perfect time.
And yeah, you mentioned there the water parks.
Now they are one of the key elements in this sequel.
How did you go about researching this and preparing for this?
Was there a lot of, you know, research trips to water parks around the country?
I've spent many summer holidays with my family in different water parks, building up for this one day."

"So I'm finally pleased that I've spent all that money in a useful way.
But no, it was looking at real-life water parks, being inspired by the authenticity.
It's very key for Planet Coaster, as you've seen with the roller coasters and the flat rides from the original."

"And that's true for the water park side as well.
So we've got a lot of roller coaster theme park and water park fans in the office as well.
So there's quite a lot of experience here already.
So yeah, it's just about having a look and putting it into game."

"Yeah, and researching all of those amazing water parks that exist in the planet and all different types of flumes and the flume special pieces as well.
I've kind of wanted to have those in-game and make sure we've got our body flumes and our raft flumes and all those other amazing things that you have in water parks in real life."

"And as Adam says, it's getting that authenticity in Planet Coaster of Adam's many trips away to water parks and providing ability for people to recreate those in-game as well.
And mechanically speaking, how did you find it going from sort of coasters and rides to incorporating water features into the game?
I ask because water parks are kind of different to regular theme parks."

"The visitor in a water park is the vessel for the ride, unlike having a carriage.
So what was that like, adapting your visitor system and applying it in this case?
I think for the flumes and the slides, the creation of building them in-game is very similar to a roller coaster."

"It's all piece by piece.
It's still building things by splines, adding the special pieces for the coasters.
And as you say, it was adapting the crowd system to work in volumes.
So building those amazing pool bodies, we've got new tools for geometric shapes, the kind of more classical kind of leisure center, Olympic pool size shapes, as well as those more natural shapes as well."

"So adapting the creation tools for that.
And as you say, the navigation system in the original Planet Coaster, people moving between different rides on the path system, but having them enjoy the water body itself and moving amongst that kind of that crowd density as well."

"And tell me a little bit about the themes then as well, because you're bringing a variety of new themes to Planet Coaster 2.
We saw the aquarium theme with that sort of underwater style to it and resort theme, which you guys described as sort of a West Coast vibe to it."

"Do you have plans for sort of exciting new other theme worlds as well?
You know, we're seeing particularly in theme parks around the world as of late, that there is a huge focus on bringing sort of branded worlds, you know, Super Nintendo land and stuff like that."

"Have you ever thought about collaborating with anyone and bringing sort of a themed location to Planet Coaster 2?
As you saw on the first look, we have two of a number of new themes."

"You have the aquatic and the resort.
They've been designed to fit really well with the water park features that we're bringing in, that kind of feel, that vibe, they fit in really well."

"At this point, we're just really excited to bring our own themes and our own designs and creations of what we want to have in Planet Coaster 2, have that visual that will really support the guests and the enjoyment they're having in the game."

"And seeing what the team are already using, the other themes which we're yet to disclose, it's really impressive, really impressive.
And you mentioned a moment ago about all the new sort of systems and mechanics that you put in place that allows players to be even more creative with the way that they design their parks."

"You know, it's the way that you can customize individual carriages on your rides to add a little bit more flair, baking scenery into the rides and all that.
How have you managed to do this and at the same time, preserve all of those sort of simulation elements that tell you if your theme park is actually working, right?
You know, from like a visitor standpoint and a financial sense."

"How have you managed to add in all this extra new stuff, keep the game feeling intuitive and simple, but at the same time give the players so many more options with what they can do?
We always try to approach it from a kind of layered approach."

"We want the game to be as accessible as possible to a wide audience.
You know, we want everyone to be able to enjoy building their own water and theme park.
So it's about looking at providing blueprints, which people will know from the original game as well, which you'll be able to create or get from the in-game workshop from other creators as well, which will allow you to place down really impressive and great-looking rides or facilities and shops really easily."

"But then, as we saw in the first video, you can actually go further and as you progress and kind of build your confidence with the game, you could start looking at the advanced tools that we also provide, which then you can start to create your own creations as well and start to share them if you want to as well."

"So it's about trying to layer it up and allow players in, but then discover all the advanced tools in there as well.
And in the gameplay presentation, the sort of hands-off approach that you showed yesterday, I noticed that it was in the sandbox mode."

"It was mentioned specifically in one of the UI elements, I believe.
But Planet Coaster 1 has a variety of different game modes that you can check out and play.
So what else will you be offering in Planet Coaster 2 beyond the sandbox mode?
So we'll be having a campaign mode, the sandbox mode, and a franchise mode."

"So we'll be telling you more about those in the next few months.
And let's talk about the social elements as well.
You mentioned a couple of times that you're trying to build on these social elements and really expand them so that the community grows and continues to work together."

"What sort of things do you have in store here beyond the blueprint system that's already out there that allows the community to work together?
How are you expanding your social features?
Yeah, as Rich says, we're looking at a franchise mode, but we'll be sharing more details about how we're going to allow players to share and collaborate on these parks together in-game soon."

"And when I was looking at the gameplay yesterday, it seems to me that you guys have really looked to retain the core sort of Planet Coaster experience, but then really sort of enhance it with these extra depth and intricacies."

"And as well, graphically as well, the game looks visually really quite stunning this time around.
So what's the primary reason for that?
Is it because of the technology that allows you to do this now?
I noticed that the game is launching on current gen systems only, right?
So PS5, Xbox Series, and PC."

"Is that a primary factor as to why you've been able to go into so much extra depth this time around?
I think it's also, as you say, Ben, technology does progress.
We have our own in-house engine team, which constantly develop the engine and allow us to access even more technology and advanced features that the industry is moving along with."

"And that allows us to enhance and create beautiful worlds that you saw yesterday with the first look mode.
And yes, it will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, SNX, and PC as well, yeah."

"And would you say as well, Ben, that because of all the extra depth, again, the maps that you've created and shown off, they look so packed with content.
Will we be able to pack a bigger world full of content, or are we looking at sort of similar-sized maps this time around?
We don't have more information about how big the maps are compared to the original Planet Coaster, but our maps are unique."

"We've been working hard to ensure that those parks that you'll be developing in are interesting and have things for you to work around.
And at this time around, we talked about it a moment ago, you're launching Planet Coaster 2 on PC and consoles at the same time."

"When you launched Planet Coaster 1, it was that sort of staggered release.
What have you taken from that experience that you've incorporated this time?
Why have you decided to launch the game or will launch the game on PC and consoles at the same time this time around?
I think the original Planet Coaster on PC came out a number of years ago."

"In that time, Frontier and the ability for the engine has moved forward with all the different releases that we've been doing.
Our previous game, Jurassic World Evolution 2, released on both PC and console, and now we're able to release games on multiple platforms at once and work on the game on those multiple platforms as we're developing."

"Tell me a little bit about Planet Coaster 2 then.
It's coming out in autumn. We don't have a firm date yet.
We'll hear more about that in the future.
But there's a lot of new mechanics, a lot of new features, a lot of new systems coming out with this game."

"But what's the one thing that both of you, or individually, you're most excited for fans to see for themselves and to go hands-on with?
I'm going to go first.
Hopefully I'm not going to step on your toes on this one."

"For me, it's the ability to customise your rides and attach scenery directly to the rides and the coaster cars as they're moving around.
We've got our new creative tools of scaling your objects as well."

"So the combination of those and the themes and the sheer creativity and invention that our community have of just putting those things together and seeing what our fans and our communities and our players will be putting together, that's the thing that excites me the most."

"It's the individual feature but also the potential of those features and giving those tools to players.
I think that's the thing that excites me the most.

"No, I was going to.
What the community make with these things is incredible.
I can't wait to see what they do with the further tools that we're giving them in Planet Coaster 2."

"But for me, it's a slight family connection.
My family, as I said before, we go to water parks and seeing them in a game that I've now actually been able to develop and be part of is really lovely."

"It's a warm kind of like, oh, I'm just starting to introduce my son to roller coaster parks as well.
So being able to work on a game that has that connection for me is really heartwarming."

"Well, there you have it.
Planet Coaster 2 will be making its debut on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X and S consoles sometime in this autumn.
Just stay tuned for that."

"We'll hear more most likely within the next couple of weeks and months and whatnot.
So stay tuned for that.
Otherwise, Rich, Adam, you've been great."

"And yeah, hopefully we'll catch up again at some point in the future.
Thank you very much, Ben."

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