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GRTV News - Banana tiếp tục chuỗi thống trị của mình bằng cách vượt qua New World trong bảng xếp hạng top 10 của Steam

Banana là gì và tại sao nó lại là trò chơi phổ biến nhất trên Steam hiện nay?

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"Hello there, welcome to another GRTV News, I'm Alex, as usual covering the afternoons latest and greatest when it comes to gaming, entertainment, gear, technology, whatever you like, whatever you love, we always have it here for you at GRTV News and in the wider Gamereactor network as a whole, so if you like gaming reviews, gaming previews, exclusive content, movie reviews, interviews, all that good stuff, we have so much of that and more wherever you get your Gamereactor from, but without further ado today we are looking at a weird game that has been taking over the world, the game is called Banana and the game is, is it a game? I don't know, it's a free game on Steam that has quickly risen to break through the top 10 of the most played games of all time on Steam, it is a clicker, like a cookie clicker sort of simple thing where you click on an animated banana and you can just, you just click on the banana, that's it, there's nothing else to this game, you click on the banana, you can buy skins for your banana, like little microtransactions to make the banana look different, with real money by the way, and it does, you know, it has, it sounds like a bit of a scam on paper because you know, it's got, it's got no sort of actual entertainment value besides clicking a banana and it can charge people money, but it doesn't charge people money for entry so you can just click the banana if you want to and it has passed 880,000 players as of yesterday on SteamDB, which knocks out Hogwarts Legacy and Baldur's Gate 3 for the most played games, the top 10 most played games of all time, which is mad, it has climbed to a total peak of 917,000 as of this morning, meaning that it's passed New World, which is the sort of MMORPG from Amazon, and we can see that there are nearly twice as many players checking out Banana as there are Elden Ring, even though we've seen Shadow of the Urchery launch today, which was going to be the other news that I had for GRTV, but Banana is just taking over the world and I think it's wild. Yeah, we could even see Banana take over Elden Ring, or maybe Elden Ring's peak concurrent player count will be beaten. There was a lot of people playing it for the DLC yesterday and today when it launched, so we'll see how it goes. Do you think that Banana could get there? I don't know, to be honest. Banana is a weird thing. It shows that gaming nowadays can really just blow up out of nowhere. Like, we saw Pal World earlier this year just get way, way much more attention than we thought it would, and then it sort of dropped off."

"I think Banana will be a thing that we say, hey, do you remember that thing at the end of the year? I don't think it'll stick around for long, but it's very funny as it keeps going and I can't wait to see how far it climbs in the top most played games. The problem with Banana is it doesn't have any lasting staying power, really, to poop, I'm afraid."

"But let me know, have you tried Banana yet? Are you going to try it out now? What do you think of it? What does your Banana skin look like? Let me know all that and more, and I'll see you next week for some more GOTV news. Bye-bye."

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