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Enotria: The Last Song

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Chúng tôi đã nói chuyện với Edoardo Basile, Giám đốc phát triển kinh doanh tại Jymma Games về Soulslike đó là tất cả về mặt nạ.

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"We're in LA for the Summer Game Fest. This is day two for me and I'm standing here with Eduardo from Italy to learn a little bit more about Enotria, the last song which made a splash, I have to say, during the Summer Game Fest live show the other day. It got me confused a little bit because it got this Spanish flavor to it, a little bit of flamenco, a little bit of Cervantes, but there is a reason behind that, isn't it? Thank you so much for joining us."

"Thank you for having me. Yes, there is a reason, like in all songs, you need to have a backstory or a very confusing lore. We want to have that, you know, confusing people factor, of course. Yes, that was a mask, that it's one of the very, very many masks we have. We have like hundreds of masks, all coming actually from Italy, but you know, like, Spain is very, very close to Italy, like we always have been very close in terms of, yeah, geography, but also culturally, right? And most of our influences come also from Spain and that mask in particular is Captain Spaventa. It's a mask that we already showcased in some of other trailers. We just love the guy. I cannot say much more behind this personal lore. This is something that we will give to the player to discover once the game comes out, but yes, like, I can understand why it might be confusing, because it's an Italian folklore game, but at the same time, you hear like in Hispanic music, but yeah, the idea behind is, it's a mask that it was very influenced by the Spanish conquistadores, so I would not say more, but it's a wonderful character. It's one of my personal favorites. It's, you know, tragicomic in some ways, and you will see for sure. You will enjoy him."

"Yeah, fair enough. Let's talk about the masks. Masks are the real protagonists here. So you guys have, I've been playing, I've been sucking at it, but it's just because I suck, but I've been hit by this mini boss and probably was easy, but you know, I'm tired, jet-lagged, yeah, have excuse for that. So, but I got really interested in the mask system, so at all times, you can be equipping up to three masks, if I'm correct, then you can switch between them, and each of them is a specific loadout with specific powers. What can you tell us about this? Very interesting. I think this is the thing that makes this stand out from other Souls-like games. Absolutely. This is our unique selling point in terms of gameplay. This is a unique twist we wanted to give to the game, not only because we wanted to set us apart from all the classical Souls-like, but also because we wanted to have the game more accessible to the broader public, and we feel like keeping an organic difficulty, it's very important, because it's a pillar of the genre, and we want to respect the hardcore gamers."

"It has to be a difficult game, but at the same time, we wanted to have it more accessible, and the way we figured out how to do so is give people, give users more tools at their disposal to basically face every situation and be always ready to anything that might happen. They just have to be smarter."

"Maybe it's not always required to have super high skill level, but if you understand the game, if you understand the core loop of the game, you will see you're very dynamic, you can change plan ongoing, you can adapt very quickly, so if you're a smart guy, you will face no difficulties at all, and this is the concept. Exactly, and just to be specific for viewers that may not know, each mask means two weapons, so for example I had a longsword and a greatsword, and then specific stone and specific spells, I guess. Yes, it's an entire build. One thing that we want people to understand is that we want to go over the concept of archetypes in this game. You will not commit to just one build throughout the entire story, the entire journey, but you will be whatever you want at any time, so you can adapt easily, right? So each loadout, you will have three and you can swap it runtime instantly. It's made purposely to do so, and so you will have two weapons for each one, so you can very quickly change weapon, you can have like a longsword. Up on the d-pad? Exactly, up on the d-pad and down on the d-pad to switch the mask. You will have, yes, two weapons at your choice. You will have the stone, as you said, rightfully, they're more gems than stones. They're used for parrying. Each gems will give you additional passive abilities while parrying. Some of them will heal you while parrying, some of them will do very different things. It depends on your play style. You will have different set of spells at your choice, you will have different quick items at your choice. Basically, everything is custom. Also, the perks, because we have a very complex skill tree system where you can buy with dedicated currency that you will gain exploring. Memoria? Memoria is a currency that you use to level up, and it's like the souls in Dark Souls, right? You will have dedicated currency that you will acquire by exploring the environments."

"So this is our system to basically have people to explore and don't just go forward and finish the game. You will get rewarded if you explore more, and with this currency you will buy in the skill tree more perks, and of course each loadout will have the perks you want. Share with us a couple of details about the smaller pieces of lore. I saw this pesto thing, for example. You use wine, of course the masquerade itself. Give us a couple of nice examples. The frescoes in the sort of church that we went in. Well, essentially every small and insignificant detail in the game should scream Italy. That's the thing. Of course the game is not in Italy, real Italy. It's a fantasy world based on Italy, but you know the vision of the game is to export our culture, our tradition, our folklore, our creatures from, you know, when the grandmother told you the story behind the monster in the forest. That's the red prayer. That's scary. That's a boss you actually will find in the demo, which is downloadable now on Steam and PS5. And this is actually, he's also part of the Italian folklore. It's part of a northern creature story behind, like in the tradition of Italy. Everything, like everything you will see, it's handcrafted by us, by a team of super talented artists. Just because you have to feel Italy. You don't want to say, okay I'm in Italy, this is a thing, like this is something that has already been done. You play Assassin's Creed, you will find yourself in Rome. It's wonderful of course, but in our opinion it's not as powerful as feeling Italy. It lacks the personal touch to it. Exactly. This is our point of view as Italians. We are going to touch, you know, themes that are more actual to our current situation, that again are not just stereotypes. That's the point of everything, right? We are not just Pizza Mafia. I guess it's the same as Blasphemous with the Spanish Semana Santa and folklore. But also the Witcher with Slavic culture. That's the thing. Now that we are getting into the lore and those were some smaller pieces, and I love the frescoes by the way. You told me a little bit about the overarching story, which is really crazy and a bit disturbing. You told me about the fisherman. Oh yes, that's a good example we usually use to make people understand. But the lore is very complicated. I'm probably not the best person suited to explain this, so just to say. But on a high level there was these actors, once upon a time, that they discovered that by acting stories their name will be immortal in time. But actually what they did is creating this huge comedy where everybody was involved and it was so famous that they actually became immortal and they imprisoned everybody in their role. So let's say your mission is to destroy the Canovaccio, which is actually the screenplay of this huge comedy in which everybody is locked in. And this is why you will find also in the demo people like the fishermen that are fishing like unrelentlessly, even if they're not catching any fish. It doesn't matter, like they're not even eating it. Caught in a loop."

"Yeah, they're caught in a loop. They're acting what their role was in the Canovaccio. Sounds really disturbing. It is, because it's a huge analogy to come to one of the biggest theme where we want to express in the game, which is stagnation. Italy is now going through a huge cultural stagnation. The nation is not moving forward. The culture... We're still living in the past. We passed, like, it's been a lot that we passed the golden era of Italy and now we feel very stuck and a lot of people is going away from Italy because of this. And this is a way to represent this, right? Everybody is just doing the same over and over again but..."

"They're caught in the old script. Exactly, but they don't understand why because everything is still in time. I think it is a perfect note to end this interview.
I would say... How long is the demo? Eight hours, you said? Yeah, it's between six to eight hours. It depends on you, actually. For me it's ten hours, okay. So it's PS5 and PC? Yeah. It's available now? It is available now on Steam and PS5. It's coming shortly also on Epic Store. But yeah, PC, also Steam. It's very, very... And the game is going to release approximately when? 19th of September. Also, pre-orders are open for the people who will pre-order the Deluxe. They will have a 72 hours early access. You guys play the demo subito. Thank you so much for your time."

"Grazie mille. Thank you for having me."

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