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Kenwood Cooking Chef XL (Quick Look) - Linh hoạt nhất Chef

Máy trộn này được thiết kế để làm cho quá trình nướng và nấu dễ dàng hơn đáng kể bằng cách cung cấp các công cụ cân, sưởi ấm và trộn, cũng như có sẵn các công thức nấu ăn trực tiếp trên chính thiết bị.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
You may have realized over the past 4 or 5 years that we have gradually expanded what it means to cover gadgets on the show."

"There are several reasons for that.
One of those is that what constitutes a gadget today is purposely broad.
And it's also because of the arrival of the smart home.
We started just with our Philips Hue light bulbs where we control our lights with our voice for instance or we set up video doorbells because we like to see who comes and knocks on the door every now and then."

"It again, it started very gradually and then it expanded over the course of many years.
And now we've kind of reached into the kitchen where also some of the products that we use continuously every single day have been the object of what you could call smartification if you will."

"And that leads us to this, the Kenwood Cooking Chef XL.
Now you might just look at this and see a regular mixer, a mixer that you would use to make dough or whatever it is that there are many tasks within the sort of the general everyday purpose cuisine that could you do with a mixer."

"And this really does that.
It comes with a whole host of accessories, 24 in fact, and it is very well built.
Kenwood is considered to be the one of the most established high-end premium names within the sphere."

"And it's all stainless steel so that means that it weighs like 10 kilos so it's a heavy boy for sure.
Now what makes this very special is that it has two things that kind of sets it apart from the rest of the field."

"For one, it is also an induction-based heater.
That means that it can heat up the elements within this bowl to around 180 degrees through induction heating in the bottom right here of the frame.
And that means that it opens up a whole host of possibilities as to what you can do."

"So it's not just cold items anymore, you can heat things up.
You can blend or mix or whisk and create whole dishes within this stainless steel frame.
So imagine a soup or a risotto.
But that might have to alter your way of thinking in a few ways."

"So that brings us to the second innovative take on this particular mixer here, which is this right here.
It is a little 4.3-inch display.
They call it the Cook Assist."

"And it is essentially a step-by-step visual guide or representation that takes you through specific recipes made by Kenwood themselves to help ease you through how to use this as a one-stop shop cooking sort of machine.
So forget about just, you know, mixing up a dough."

"Now again, making the whole risotto within the confines of this bowl is really easy because on the side of the device, so not just an iPad you hold in your hand or a YouTube video where you have to go back and forth all the time to get all the steps right.
Now the step-by-step guide is on this little display right here."

"Now that is really awesome.
And it kind of, you know, it tricks the mind in several different ways.
But the main thing that I like is I love multi-purpose stuff.
I love the fact that we can gather up functions of what was once had to be held up by several gadgets that you would need in your home or several pieces of machinery and then gather it all up into one thing that you can have on your cooking, like your stove top back at home."

"And then you can just rely on one of these.
Now they are very expensive.
I don't know the exact sort of US or UK currency aspects, but it is a really expensive gadget because obviously it is."

"But we've reviewed it on the site, and I would urge you to go read that.
So for much more on Kenwood stuff, stay tuned to GamerHQ."

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