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Sennheiser HS 620S (Xem nhanh) - Âm thanh mạnh mẽ cho bánh răng mạnh mẽ

Nếu bạn thực sự muốn nâng cấp trò chơi âm thanh của mình, tai nghe tham chiếu mới của Sennheiser có thể nâng cao khả năng nghe của bạn, nếu bạn có thiết bị để sao lưu.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Hello everyone and welcome to a new Gamereactor Quick Look. It is actually quite rare now that we receive new reference gear from Sennheiser. There's been a bit of back and forth over how they should proceed with the quality products that they've arguably been making for decades."

"So we were really happy when they were in our inbox, dumped a message, basically asking us to take a look at the brand new HD620S, which is essentially a brand new pair of closed hi-fi headphones, which basically should make them great for both streaming and gaming, particularly if you have the audio equipment in order to power them properly. Now what I mean by that obviously is that these are made as reference headphones with a wired connection. Now don't be afraid of the large jack here, there is also a smaller version right here which means that they fit in standard jack-in ports. But obviously this is made to be put into a DAC of some kind, an external DAC, which gives it the proper power it needs to play at the volume that you find comfortable and joyful, but also simply because they are made to function in this particular way. But if you do that, well then you should, given Sennheiser's legacy in this particular field, get a pretty amazing audio experience, which first and foremost, if you believe the people, the pundits of Sennheiser, well it should be balanced, first and foremost. Inside here, we find 42mm drivers that are made in Tullamore Island, which is combined with an aluminium voice coil. Essentially, with these kinds of things, it's not enough to say what the millimetre size of the driver is, you really do need to hear them out yourself, warm them up and figure out the way that the exact sound stage is designed basically. So we'll give this a full haul after this video is done so we can give you some more inside and in deep depth on what this actually sounds like."

"So what Sennheiser is aiming for is this airy signature which is well articulated and again it's balanced mids, it's a broad and deep sound stage which essentially shouldn't neither be too bassy muffled or should be, you've probably heard it before, when voices or particularly really detailed sound stages become very tinny and separated too much as happens in really high end Bluetooth headphones as well. This shouldn't happen. In terms of comfort, it does not have a lot of give and it's not very flexible. It is meant to sit in a very particular way. Luckily, both on the cups and on the underside of the brace here you have this metal reinforced headband and housing which has a lot of foam on it."

"It does feel quite spongy, meaning that it probably won't create the pressurisation effect at the top of your head if you use them too much, but that is really difficult to tell at this point. But don't forget something that feels, I don't think you should expect something that feels airy. This is meant to create that closed off sensation and not necessarily go toe to toe with something like Bose Quiet Comfort or Sony WF-S because those are meant to be stretchy and flexible enough to make it feel like it moves with you. This is meant to be enjoyed stationary most of the time and so it has a more stationary construction."

"It does have a detachable cable with the little locking screw that I said, as well as an optional balanced cable which will be available later this year. It's not cheap, €350 thereabouts, but that is very much on par with what you can expect from Sennheiser with these kinds of more serious products. So we are very much looking forward to getting this in the hands of Kim who is very much more experienced than I on this particular field. So I'm looking forward to hear what he has to say. Thank you so much for watching."

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