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Bandwerk Sportsband (Quick Look) - Làm cho da thể thao

Bandwerk đã làm điều đó một lần nữa với một phụ kiện iOS khác quản lý để kết hợp các lựa chọn thiết kế thông thường của nó với thẩm mỹ thể thao hơn.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look. I'm Maunus and today we're again taking a look at a product from one of my favorite iOS accessories manufacturers, Bandwork.
They have shared with us their iPhone covers before with the titanium framing around it where you have to use a small screwdriver in order to attach it. Really cool stuff."

"Go watch that quick look right now. Still one of my favorite iPhone covers ever made.
And they also make these really awesome leather straps, like really sort of dandy, made for a suit type stuff. And they also make these limited edition leather straps from like vintage cars where they only make like $125 or $200 or whatever, which is very, very desirable objects in general. But if you want to try the Bandwork experience, pay a little less and then get something which is ultimately probably a little more versatile and usable, then you'd probably get one of their sport bands, which I have here in sort of the orange pop version right here. So the thing about these sport bands is that Bandwork in their wisdom thought, well, we want to make something sportier, which is definitely more comfortable around the wrist and usable in a wide variety of situations without feeling uncomfortable or something like that, as leather can sometimes do in some instances. But we want to still use leather. So they did. And they've done that in a pretty clever way because there are leather here, but there's also rubber. And you can see that the leather is inlaid in these rubber frames around here. So the Bandwork technically have made a leather band, which is very usable where leather usually isn't. And there's a couple of reasons why."

"For one, I mean, it's probably going to be more comfortable over long stretches of time, particularly if you're working out or taking a swim or something like that, because what is actually in contact with your skin is rubber. Now, the leather here is also pretty special.
It's crafted from German Heine leather, which is renowned for its waterproof capabilities, which means that this is waterproof. And I mean, sure, leather usually like it's not like it's used to keep water out or anything like that. But the characteristics of the leather, such as the coloring or the sizing or the texture won't change if you take a swim with it, either in a pool or in a lake or in the ocean where the water is salt. That is really cool and means that this is probably one of those bands which holds up both at a dinner party and afterward if you want to take a run, which is great because usually they're very divided in these two very specific categories. They're very workout minded because that's obviously what an Apple Watch can also be, a workout buddy. But at the same time, a lot of people just wear them out to any occasion. So having something which is also kind of flashy, well-made and looks luxurious, at least in some ways, is very commendable and very cool. And again, as I said, it can be fully submerged without, you know, taking any sort of impact either in texture or color or something like that, which is really cool."

"It also, compared to other Bandwork bands, comes in a variety of different colors. This is a very sort of poppy orange, but also comes in a more subdued but still quite cool green.
So there's definitely more color options there than if you go for the more classic leather solutions that Bandwork offers. It is also slightly cheaper. So if you go to Bandwork's website, well, then you should be able to find it pretty easily and choose a color that you like. I definitely think that this also just proves that Bandwork has it going on, regardless of the kind of sort of the main mission statement of the product. And it's just that the fact that they have good designers that choose the right materials for the right jobs. So for much more on Bandwork, stay tuned to Game Rack."

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