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Marshall Major V (Quick Look) - Mềm mại, tinh tế và nổi bật

Tai nghe Major V mới của Marshall một lần nữa dường như là một gợi ý xứng đáng cho những người đam mê âm thanh.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
We have been on the record here for like years to basically say that when you encounter Marshall Major headphones out in the wild, it's not just people that have fallen for a particular aesthetic, they have been buying, maybe unknowingly so, but they've been buying a great headset."

"And it is something that we can actively recommend to almost anyone, casual listeners, as well as people that prefer to demand a little bit more from their sound stages because these are just that good.
But of course, when you talk about the Marshall Major series, and these are the new Major Fives, it starts with the aesthetic because this rockabilly faux leather design is, I still think, striking enough to appear almost contrasty next to the AirPods Max, something like Bose or from Sony, which kind of revel in the fact that they're so anonymous and sort of modern, stylistic, in a really subtle and anonymous way."

"And these are just the exact opposite of that.
Sure, the leather isn't real, but it's soft, it has a sort of a striking presence and pose, and it's a material which is just infinitely more comforting and comfortable to touch.
That means that just wearing this headset is one thing, but looking at it is another."

"And I think in both instances, this comes out as a major win.
It is more flexible now than previous iterations of the Major, and it can fold more flat.
It is this pose which Marshall kind of claims is more space-saving than before, and I'd be inclined to give them that."

"It is more space-saving now, which is great.
Inside, we find 40mm dynamic drivers, which plays in the frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz.
It supports some high-end codecs like AAC, LC3, and SBT.
It supports Bluetooth 5.3, meaning you'll probably have a strong connection, you probably will have a good range experience, and it supports multi-point connection as well, meaning that it can be connected to several different things at the same time and then alternate between them dynamically as you use it."

"As I said, the same iconic design, I think it's absolutely lovely, and one key thing which is also something that it still has, wireless charging.
Yes, you might, like, it's pretty rare to see wireless charging in any headset, but the main point is that you sort of balance it like this, and on any Qi wireless charging pad, be it like the really small ones that only does like 5W, this will charge."

"And just, if you already have installed a wireless charging pad at home, or several, it's just so nice to know that you have a ubiquitous standard to rely on, particularly if you don't really have a USB Type-C cable at hand, that is just awesome.
Now, something that Marshall have done this year which I think is great, is that they have made the buttons customizable."

"Now you have a little joystick here, and you have a Marshall button over here on the other right cup, and what they essentially can now do is that they can be adaptable, customized in the Marshall app, which has got an overhaul in and of by itself, which means that you can use this Marshall button right here to summon the Google Assistant, or Siri, or chat GBT, whatever it is that you want to use, or you can launch a specific app, you can do almost anything you want with it, same with the joystick, really, really nice."

"Now, the price is, I think, in broad terms around $140, $130, and you can get on-ear headphones, which costs less, that is unmistakable, you can do that.
But to get this amount of fit and finish in this recognizable design package, with this sound quality, wireless charging, and these higher-end codec supports, it's really difficult to find something that you would recommend in this price bracket, because you have to remember that you have to spend several times more to get AirPods Max, Bose QuietComforts, the Sony WHs, all of those are markedly more expensive than this."

"They offer noise cancellation, which these do not have, obviously, but you even pay more for AirPods Pro than these.
You almost pay more for a regular pair of AirPods than these.
So, taking that into consideration, I think it's great that we're seeing the success out on the streets that the Major Series has, because it's earned."

"Thank you so much for watching, see you on the next one."

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