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Metaphor: ReFantazio

Metaphor: ReFantazio - Lối chơi Summer Game Fest 1

Chúng tôi đã kiểm tra game nhập vai mới thú vị của Atlus.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"We're in LA for the Summer Game Fest. We're taking a look at Metaphor Re-Fantasio.
We're capturing this gameplay session with Julie Tran from SEGA.
She's just an expert. I'd rather have her play and show you guys what's going on."

"And now we have Irvin from SEGA, who is going to be commenting on what we are seeing from this play session.
Right now we're dropping in the beginning of the game.
So you'll see you're the protagonist and you've only met Shaw, you haven't created a bond with him yet, so you're going together on a mission in kind of like your first dungeon if we can say so."

"In this part of the game you haven't awakened your archetype yet, so you haven't awakened your powers, but you can still fight either in the fast action battle, which is overworld battle, or in the turn-based battle.
But because you haven't awakened your archetype power you cannot use that in the turn-based."

"So now Julie is going to enter with Shaw into the dungeon and yeah, the adventure will begin.
This demo is split into three sections, this is the first one we're seeing, what are the other ones about?
So this is the first section, you'll see the second one which is dungeon crawl."

"In the second section you'll see that you have acquired more party members, and then in the third one it's kind of like a big boss battle with a monster.
Those monsters, the one you can see right now, they're called humans.
I cannot say why they're called humans, as you see that's a human, you'll have to play the game and discover why, but obviously the game is called Metaphor for a reason."

"You'll see that our cutscenes are all made of beautiful anime sequences, 2D anime sequences that we are very proud of and really love.
We've seen Hase no San around, and of course people know him from the Persona series, so how are you guys communicating both the difference and what might be familiar to Persona fans here?
How are you guys describing this game to be both relatable and at the same time making a difference coming from Persona?
Yeah, that's a very good question."

"So of course Hase no San, Soejima San, the art director, as well as Meguro San who composed the music for this game, are all the creators of Persona 3, 4 and 5, as well as Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, right?
So we're very proud of our take on fantasy, a lot of fans have been asking them to do fantasy and they say well if we're going to do a game that is going to take our gamers into the fantasy journey, we're going to do it our way."

"So obviously, to your point, there is kind of inspiration from Persona, but not only Persona.
We're using this as a combination of 35 years of experience in the gaming industry, so you'll see different influences from Shin Megami Tensei in the battle system, Persona of course, Etrian Odyssey as well a little bit, even the character designer, Soejima San, we also had character designers from Etrian Odyssey help as well with the archetypes, so yeah we're very excited."

"Who's the egg monster, speaking about character design, that's crazy, is it going to catch the egg?
A very good question, so you'll see all of the monsters are not part of the Persona or Shin Megami Tensei universe, so yeah, be ready to discover brand new monsters, they're very exciting, all inspired by Renaissance paintings, etc, so we look forward for you guys to discover more of those enemies."

"But yeah, as you can see now, Julie fights first in action battle, so this is action, as the enemy is strong enough, you cannot kill them in real-time action, so what we call fast action, so once you attack them in fast action, you go into turn-based, which we call squad battle, so Julie just got into squad battle and she kind of defeated the enemy like that."

"Right away, she's really into it, so I'm very glad we had Julie doing this.
Of course, of course, she's played multiple hours and she knows the game by heart, but basically it's, before even you go into the turn-based strategy and start playing with the strategy element, you need to strategize how you move in the game and who you're going to attack, you know, you can actually see if the enemies are too strong, they're a face-sized element in the game, so basically you can decide to see if, oh, so now Julie wanted to attack the enemy in real-time, the enemy attacked first, that means that you're starting the turn-based with a disadvantage, right?
So this is why we say, you know, it's interesting to try and go and attack first in fast action, but if you're getting attacked, it's like a double-edged sword and it's going to get against you, so you need to be very careful and you need to be careful of the decisions you're going to make."

"Thankfully, the Egg Monster, as you call him, is not too strong, but if there was a stronger, dangerous monster, Julie would have been in a pinch right now.
What point in the story you told us this was?
Is it very early, just the beginning or very early?
This is just the beginning, it's very early, so as I said, so you can see there the Fairy Gallica, she's kind of like helping you and guiding you, so she has a lot of character and we love her and we know fans are going to love her as well, so she's taking you through kind of like all the tutorials, etc."

"You haven't, as I said, awakened all your powers, hopefully you're going to do that at the end of this demo and we'll show your audience that as well.
So I think now you're going to go into the big boss.
Go for it, Julie."

"You got this.
Alright, so this is your first human that you battle in the game.
That's an ugly human.
Indeed, indeed.

"Yes, so you're obviously overwhelmed and overpowered, so you're not meant to win out of this battle.
So, let's, I'll let you discover what happens next, without spoiling you.
So obviously, you don't do enough damage to this monster and now it's the enemy's turn to attack."

"So now, Stroll decides to sacrifice himself to kind of like save you and try to defeat the monster.
No way.
Unfortunately, he's almost kind of like dying and this is why you step up as a character and you face your fear, you face your anxieties and you awaken your power."

His first archetype, which is the Seeker Archetype.
As you can see, this is the first time in the game that you awaken those powers and unlike Persona, you don't summon Personas, here you become the Archetype and the Archetypes are kind of like a job class system for us."

"So any party can become any of the Archetypes, if you choose, you can have all of the party with the same Archetype, like Mages for example, or a Brawler for example.
So it's really up to you to decide what you're going to do.
So that was the end of the first demo and yeah, we'll set up the second one."

"Fantastic, I think that serves up as a very nice introduction to both the Metaphor, Refantasio's gameplay system, very unique gameplay system, character artwork, character design and also its story.
So thank you so much, Irwin."

"Of course, my pleasure.
And thank you so much, Julie.
Hello, thank you so much for stopping by and watching."

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