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Sage Infizz Fusion (Xem nhanh) - Một cách sang trọng để làm soda

Sage đã làm điều đó một lần nữa với một máy được thiết kế tốt khác để pha chế đồ uống. Thay vì cà phê, máy mới này có vẻ sẽ đẩy mạnh trò chơi soda của bạn.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Hello everyone and welcome to another Gamereactor Quick Look.
You may recall that not too long ago we took a look at one of the brand new, the new Sage Barista Touch Impress from Sage, their coffee maker essentially, espresso maker, and we were very, very impressed."

"I was very, very impressed.
We gave it a solid 10 out of 10 and we've done that two times in a row for Sage's coffee makers because, well, there is simply no way to put it other way to put it than it is a masterpiece."

"And it's not just a technological, like tiger's leap forward, but it combines the new world in an old world where there is still a focus on inherent tactility and the general feel of making something special with your hands and at the same time getting technology to help you do just that and do it well."

"Now Sage is a brand that we, beyond those coffee machines, haven't really been doing a lot with, but that changes today because they sent us this, which is for a lot of you that knows this kind of stuff, is kind of like a SodaStream, but I think that there are a few key differences that is going to set this way more apart than a SodaStream."

"So for one, it's prettier.
I think Sage excels in beautiful sort of industrial Nordic design and this stainless steel fitting here is like, looks like it's almost like milled from just a few different pieces.
It is quite light, much lighter than it looks, but I think it just, it oozes quality and functionality so I wouldn't be remiss having this in my home and I think that accounts for a lot of other people as well."

"So as with a lot of these kinds of things, you insert a CO2 canister here at the bottom and then you use this bottle right here, which is a liter bottle, to basically infuse or infiz the drink that you want to carbonate.
That is the general notion, the general gist of it."

"Now the pressurization happens in this innovative cap right here, which can be very easily screwed off or on, but the main point is that that pressurization is very strong and it happens instantaneously.
It is not an act which requires like a whole, like deep threading of a screw."

"It's one act of loosening up that thing and this little red valve right here will help you depressurize the bottle once you have carbonated your drink.
Now I haven't really done this a lot so I'm not sure that it's going to go well, but the main point is that there are two acts to getting the bottle ready for carbonation, which is essentially this little thing here, which kind of pulls it into place and then obviously attaching it within this little framework here."

"So loosening it to go it the other way, you pull outwards and then you can loosen it like that.
It is, Sage are, they're wizards in terms of introducing tactile dimensions because you shouldn't, like it's probably not necessary to have these two acts be necessary, but it is incredibly satisfying as a result."

"Now the other thing which I think is pretty cool is that you get both a funnel and a sieve for a double action here.
The main point is that when you aren't like using the pressurization cap, you can insert them like this."

"Now why would you do that?
Well, that's because Sage actually makes quite a big faff out of carbonating other drinks than just water-based drinks, like making your own soda.
You could carbonate wine into sparkling wine if that's what you want."

"You could carbonate tea and this sieve is to funnel out, for instance, pulp if you want to carbonate juice.
They insist that you do this and once you have done that, this little tap notion right here basically means that you can choose how much carbonation that you want."

"It's not a whole done and thing where you basically select like a program that is fit for all types of drinks.
You push it in order to carbonate and you can give it as many whiffs as you want.
Now I searched online and I had a specific pricing in mind, but when I found out it's like $160, $170, I thought that was absolutely stunning for what you're getting."

"So we can't wait to put this through the paces in a full written review and we'll be doing that very soon.
So for a review of the Sage InFizz Fusion, stay tuned to Game Ractor and for other Sage-based reviews and videos, well, there are already those on the website as well."

"Thank you so much for watching.
See you."

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