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Star Wars Outlaws

Star Wars in Yourself is Magic - Star Wars Outlaws Phỏng vấn

Chúng tôi trò chuyện với đạo diễn trò chơi Mathias Karlson và đạo diễn tường thuật Navid Khavari về tất cả mọi thứ Kay Vess và Star Wars Outlaws.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Hello friends, I'm in LA. I've just attended the Ubisoft Forward Showcase and then I've played Star Wars Outlaws for the very first time.
I was really, really looking forward to doing this since a year ago, pretty much, when you guys showed me a presentation and I was...
Yeah, and I had a blast. It's very interesting, very varied. You guys have shown three sections, I guess, to show variety, you know, that you can go into space, that you can go stealthy, that you can go solo for a bit, that you have more open-ended areas."

"First and foremost, I would like to ask you about melee combat. For the little brief time I had with the game, I only got to, you know, like have these stealth kills and not face many enemies with my punches. So, what can you tell me about what's possible to do that I didn't do there?
I think it's a natural part of the range of actions that Kay and Nix will do together. You'll see that he will join in, not rarely, if you end up in a fistfight or in a takedown."

"So, I think melee is really part of that range and part of the toolbox for you. We really try to, with Kay and Nix, first of all think, okay, this is a duo you're playing.
Nix is like your long arm, your long finger into the world, where you can distract, you can fetch things, you can sabotage, but can also be useful in combat.
Attacking enemies so that you can focus on someone else for a second and get a gun for you so you can save your life."

"And that really gives us a game that stretches from stealth and all the way up to, you know, gunslinger combat.
And in the middle there, I think, ending up in a little bit of a fistfight to save your life is a very natural part of that.
So, it's really up to you at the end of the day, I think, how you approach a situation, but there are tools more or less suited, I should say, for what the situation demands."

"You mentioned that Nix can fetch stuff, can also set off grenades that enemies are holding, that's fantastic, and weapons for you as well.
So, you mentioned weapons. I pretty much shot my way through the whole thing and perhaps not the best approach sometimes, but okay.
Some of the weapons you pick up, that's not your regular blaster, if I'm correct. Those weapons are just temporary, is that correct?
Like, you use them for a while and you drop them and keep your blaster as your main weapon of choice."

"Yeah, so Kay's blaster is a brand new blaster to the Star Wars universe that we developed with Lucasfilm.
And it's one gun, but it offers a lot of variety in gunplay.
So, you have these different modules where you have the standard, you know, red pew-pew that we're used to.
You also have a stun mode that's silent, but goes on the cooldown."

"And you have Ion and what we call the Power Shot that all have different applications, both in combat and in exploring the world, as you will find out.
You can also upgrade this blaster further as you go.
I was about to ask about that.
So, it doesn't stop there. You can add, you know, more variety and your more personal touch and preference to it."

"All these other weapons that you see that you can either pick up yourself or send Nix to grab for you is really also part of that, you know, that feeling of recreating that.
You're scrappy, you're finding a way through situations where you maybe got in a little bit of, you know, over your head.
So, they are more temporary in nature, more like a power trip, something to get out of a sticky situation."

"But then when you get out of it, it's back to Nix, your blaster, and yourself.
And in order to, you just mentioned it, in order to upgrade your weapon, I've been collecting, gathering resources all the time.
So, is that what you use to upgrade your main blaster?
What other uses do you have for those resources?
Trade, I can guess, or what do you do with that?
We'll get into story now."

"He's getting a break, it's great.
I'm getting a nice little break for the day.
So, I think both actually the story and the experience of this game is really, it's an adventure, it's a journey, and it's a story about growth.
And in gameplay as well, of course, upgrading your blaster, upgrading your speeder, upgrading your ship, getting new gear and equipment."

"You might have noticed that she had a fur collar, thicker jacket on Kijimi.
That is a visual, but it's also something with gameplay effects on it, where you can then change the visuals of them to match what you want to look like with the underlying effects.
So, these materials to define, of course, there's also an economy.
Money talks in this world, the underworld, yeah."

"And materials will be part of this.
I think something I really want to highlight is what you saw maybe in the live UbiForward showcase we just had is what we call the Experts.
So, really, the key to the most impactful upgrades to your abilities and your equipment is through characters.
Full-on characters that have their own personality and needs and adventures tied to them, where you need to figure out where are they?
And then you need to get there and you convince them for them to give you what they have to offer."

"And then that will unlock new areas of progression for you as well.
Okay, let's talk a little bit about the characters and the story.
In the live presentation that you mentioned, I think we spotted a young Kay Vess.
What is that? Are those cutscenes? Are those flashbacks?
Is that something that, how are we going to learn about her past and her origins?
You got to me and ask the one question I can't answer."

"What I can say is, you know, Kay's upbringing was very important to her outlook and how she sees the galaxy.
And I think that's something that is key to the idea of a rookie scoundrel, right?
She's still, when she leaves Canto Bight as this small-town thief who stumbles into having a bounty on the back, I think those memories, those moments, they weigh on her."

"And I think that's something for players to discover.
Of course, as you said, it's about growth, so we need the origin to that.
All right, there's a Reputation system. You've been describing this very much.
How do you guys work for this Reputation system to work right inside the game and inside the canon and the lore with Lucasfilms and Lucasgames?
Because, of course, there are many characters that we know of that you can get things going on differently with them."

"You can be friends with some of the syndicates, you can cause things, real tricky things.
How does that play into the whole canonical universe that we already know?
Because this happened, this is post… we have Frozen Solo, it's post Empire [Strikes Back], right?
So what can you tell us about this, about working for this to work into the canonical lore?
I think we've been just extremely lucky with our collaboration with Lucasfilm Games in that they've given us… and we've really come to them with our ideas and they've really embraced them wholeheartedly."

"I think the key thing to remember here is that there are key moments in Kay's journey that are tied to the wider Star Wars story, right?
That you're going to want to hit those key beats.
But between those beats, especially with the reputation system, there's a lot of room to maneuver and a lot of flexibility there.
Especially, you take on a job for Jabba and you're traveling across the galaxy and you're working on this smuggling contract."

"Well, maybe a better opportunity rises up with Ashiga Clan or Crimson Dawn and you decide to take that instead.
And then your Reputation might go down with the Hutts, but it goes up with the Ashiga.
Now, there's different gameplay benefits to those things and there's different dialogues as well.
But what was key was the amount of freedom that you have to express yourself within the Reputation system."

"And so I think players are going to see that freedom of expression within that and I think it's going to pay off well.
You mentioned a bunch of characters there. Let me ask you three questions you probably cannot answer.
I can't wait.
You're going to hate me."

"I feel like we got two different sides on this one.
You got the wrong side. Flip a coin, you know.
I'm kidding.
Boba Fett. Is he going to be there?
August 30th is a great date."

"Cad Bane. Was he teased?
I love Cad Bane, but August 30th I love even more.
We kind of knew about Qi'ra. Was that information correct?
Is she going to appear here and is she going to be the same actress we know and love?
Qi'ra absolutely will appear in Star Wars Outlaws and we have a fantastic actress, Tamarin Payne, who has really brought a fantastic performance to Qi'ra as well."

"She's actually right there.
Oh yeah. That art I haven't seen before. Nice. Fantastic. Thank you. That's one out of three.
Not bad.
And the other ones you teased them enough so that's enough of a tease."

"Let's get back to gameplay. I really liked the dogfights. I really liked the controls of the ship.
I think you have some nice possibilities that you can take advantage of and also they're approachable.
They're very accessible. How do you guys work on that, on the whole gameplay system for the ships and specifically with the left trigger being this Pursuit Mode?
I'm glad you pointed it out. We put a lot of effort, not just Massive but together with our co-devs, of course, making this game to make sure this is a game that shouldn't just appeal to hardcore Star Wars fans but to everyone and should be playable by hopefully everyone, as many people as possible."

"Something like space can be a little daunting if you approach it as a simulation.
I think we approach this very much like Star Wars as a whole.
More having a horizon line, a sense of up and down and really capture the fantasy and the feeling of controlling your own ship and being in control of that in a way that is not overwhelming."

"Accessibility is at the core there without the loss of depth and challenge.
We try to pilot-lance through all the gameplay mechanics and all the controls for the speeder and for Kay and Nix on foot as well.
On top of that, also having accessibility settings if you have a specific disability you need to overcome.
We want to make sure, as I said, that everyone can play this game."

"For example, if you press down on the D-pad, it's both to heal you or to repair your ship.
If I'm correct, it makes sense. It's the same input, right?
It works like that.
For such a varied game, I can do so many different things."

"I can approach a combat with Nix first or I can try and shoot my way or punch the enemies.
How do you make the player realize they have so many options and for them to embrace them?
For example, I've seen this achievement suggesting if you take down three guys stealthy, then you get that achievement.
Is that what you guys are using for players to be invited to try out different approaches?
I love this question."

"It's very tricky.
You picked up on a detail that's part of the Expert experience.
Remember I talked about these characters that are the key to certain unlocks and abilities.
One approach we take with unlocking these abilities is instead of saying you're amassing experience points and you get a point to place to unlock something, we say this expert can teach you this, but to unlock it, you have to perform a few things successfully."

"That really makes you look at the world around you and engage with it in different ways.
It has a self-tutorialising function as well.
You've been tasting similar actions that lead to a new one.
Then, of course, we have like any good game, tutorialisation and onboarding."

"We ease you into the different mechanics.
Of course, you are in control a lot yourself.
What new things you decide to unlock in which order, which also I think helps in building a library in your head of what should I do in what situation."

"At the end of the day, it really comes down to your preference of play.
We really want to offer this range from stealth to gunplay in as many parts of the game as possible.
Then, of course, in the campaign, we're taking you on a little bit more of a rollercoaster ride where it might sometimes lean more or less into one side or the other in terms of stealth and combat."

"Like you see in the three quests, they have a slightly different feel to them, but still with freedom.
Two things that I couldn't try out myself were both Kay Vess's speeder, motorbike-like speeder.
I didn't get to try the wider open world.
How are you guys dealing with this feeling of emptiness that we normally get when worlds are really wide, really open, really big, really large?
This is presented at the first ever open world Star Wars game."

"How are you dealing with that?
How are you dealing with the areas that might feel empty that I couldn't try out so far?
I think it starts with being authentically Star Wars.
We really want to represent Tatooine as you think and feel that Tatooine would be like to visit."

"Ranging all the way from Tatooine to, for example, the planet we created ourselves together with Lucasfilm, Toshara.
Apply that lens on all the different locations and really seamlessly stitching them together with the fact that you can just take off and go into space.
Space is an open space region in itself for you to explore, hyperjump to a different region when you want."

"Size has never been the main metric we've looked at.
The size will vary a little bit from planet to planet, depending on its profile.
And at the end of the day, just like you say, it's about filling it with authenticity, but also substance.
And things for you to both enjoy as part of quests or contracts, but also just becoming curious."

"Riding your speeder and going, what's that?
And there's actually something of substance there for you to find.
Let me finish off with what I finished off last year.
I asked you guys about the Force."

"I asked, well, is the Force going to be present in any shape or form in this game?
And you guys told me the Force is everywhere, which is a fantastic answer.
I know this is no game about the Jedi.
I know that, but you know the Force is everywhere."

"So is there any way that we will feel that magic from the lore of Star Wars in this game?
And I don't mean Kay Vess going crazy, lightsabers, moving objects.
Is that something that you're trying to convey with your narrative here somehow?
I would just say August 30th is a really, really exciting date."

"And I hope players love and enjoy Star Wars Outlaws as much as I do.
You're a tease, aren't you?
Star Wars in itself is magic.
Oh, that's even better."

"We'll use both.
I needed you here.
I needed you both here.
Thank you so much for your time.
May the Force be with you."

"May August the 30th be with you.
And enjoy the show.
Can I say something? Yes of course.
Your mic to face ratio is immaculate."

"Thank you.
It's perfect.
It's not too close, not too far. Great job.
Took some years to fine-tune that skill.
I usually used to hit people."

"Thank you so much. Fun questions.
Thank you very much."

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