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Chúng tôi đã nói chuyện vớiMonster Hunter: Wilds' giám đốc sáng tạo và nghệ thuật Kaname Fujioka và nhà sản xuất loạt phim Monster Hunter Ryozo Tsujimoto về những bước đi mới táo bạo cho nhượng quyền thương mại.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"All right, we're in LA for this Summer Game Fest.
And yesterday we were at the Summer Game Fest Live, saw this trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds, which was wild."

"And now I attended a behind-closed-door presentation.
And you know, it's the game of the show so far for me.
It's amazing.
First of all, thank you so much for joining us."

"I wanted to ask you about how dynamic it feels.
Lots of things happening around you.
Lots of things you guys prepared to happen in the world.
So what can you tell us about the more dynamic game that we can expect from Wilds?
With Monster Hunter Wilds, we were already trying to achieve a living, breathing ecosystem feel for the game's fields."

"We wanted to evolve that and push it even further with Monster Hunter Wilds.
So as you just seen in our presentation, there are many more monsters on screen at the same time.
They travel in packs or herds, and that can have a great effect on the player's strategy, how they decide to approach situations."

"And because we have so many monsters, the actual environments have become a lot bigger as well.
And the player has more options for how to travel around them and how to access different things."

"So I think that on all fronts, really, we're pushing the experience that you might have had with previous titles way beyond what you've seen before.
And as you saw in the presentation, there's just so many possibilities moment by moment for great emergent gameplay and so much happening that I think everyone's going to be really excited when you finally get your hands on it."

"I am, for sure.
Other than this dynamic feeling that I got from seeing you guys play, which would you say is the biggest evolution fans can expect here coming from World?
In Monster Hunter World, we had feedback from players that the maps were so big and detailed that they tended to get lost sometimes when they were trying to find their target monster."

"So one of the major features, I think, that players of World will find has evolved a lot is that kind of movement around the map.
As you may have noticed from what we've shown so far, you have a new mount. It's called a sacred."

"You can mount this bird-like creature, and of course you can control it and just travel around the map to get around faster, but it also has an auto function where if you've got a quest target, it can lead you there directly automatically and you don't need to do any controls to have that happen."

"It's going to support you in lots of ways in the gameplay, but I think this idea of you don't need to worry about where to go next is going to take a lot of the sort of stress out of that situation and let players focus on what they do best, which is hunting the monsters."

"Perhaps this one for Tsuyomoto-san.
Despite these accessibility features, it looks to me like Wilds is going to be like more hardcore approach, you know, for fans, the hardcore game into the Monster Hunter series."

"But then you guys also have Stories and Rise and other games, so how do you feel about this game, you know, and how it plays into the wider franchise?
The Monster Hunter series does have different strands, as you mentioned, so we have our RPG games like Monster Hunter Stories, but Monster Hunter Wilds falls into very much the action category of the series."

"Capcom's, you know, great action gameplay that we're renowned for is something where you do need to have a certain level of challenge because we want the players to get skilled at, you know, playing the action of the game and then having a feeling of satisfaction and achievement whenever they manage to beat the monster or beat the quest."

"It wouldn't be fair to just throw it all at the player at once though because it wouldn't be a fun challenge, it would be too overwhelming.
So what we try to do is, yes, there is challenging action in this game, but we want to lead the player through, you know, one by one the steps of how to successfully hunt a monster."

"The game design is going to have the story tied in with it so that you find out through each quest more and more things that's possible for you to do and more of the tool set at your disposal."

"And then ultimately we think you'll be able to put all those tools to use and feel great when you finally, you know, beat that monster that you first thought was impossible but then, you know, the game helped you become a better hunter."

"So I think regardless of your level of experience with Monster Hunter games in the past, Wilds is going to be a perfect jumping game point and everyone can enjoy the game together."

"And something that will for sure be very satisfying is when you enter the sandstorm.
That was crazy, seeing the sandstorm coming to the village and then being part of the hunt of this monster and then inside the sandstorm like seeing different types of monsters getting the lightning and everything."

"What else can you tell us about, you know, crazy stuff that is going to happen that is similar to this amazing sandstorm that we witnessed?
The area we've shown so far is the Windward Plains which is a desert style field or map."

"So naturally the extreme weather event that happens here is a sandstorm as you've seen.
There are other fields in the game.
We're not talking about those just yet but rest assured each area has its own unique extreme weather event suitable for its own environment."

"And I can tell you this is just the beginning.
There's some even more crazy stuff happening in those extreme weather events that you haven't seen yet.
So look forward to it."

"I am, definitely.
One thing this game feels is seamless.
It's really seamless.
I remember the time with Monster Hunter 3 we have to wait for the areas to load."

"It was more difficult to move around but there are no load screens.
What can you tell us about this aspect and the difficulties developed in this aspect?
And one specific thing that I like about the world being seamless is now that you can set mobile camps."

"So what can you tell us about these two things?
It's certainly challenging from a technical perspective to make such large seamless environments not just in terms of visuals but making sure that the background systems of the game are ready that anywhere the player goes the entire environment and the monsters and the creatures and things are all ready for them and they never get a feeling of having had to wait for them to load in and that kind of thing."

"It's hard work but hopefully you'll agree that I think we've really managed to pull something special off and I think it just enhances the immersion and the gameplay experience to a great degree."

"As for the mobile camps that you mentioned these areas are so big now that of course you can always go back to the main base and you can travel seamlessly back to it or fast travel but we just wanted to give players more options at their disposal so if you'd rather play some more local, smaller camp and keep yourself close to the action then you have that choice whereas if you want to go back to the full base that's also something you can do."

"Again, it's just another part of the Hunter's tool set that you decide how you're going to approach each quest.
If your mobile camp is not destroyed by the alpha dojaguma you were hunting the alpha dojaguma what can you tell us about this monster and the new monsters that we can expect in this game and also now that they go in packs they go together they are more dynamic as well what can you tell us about this and other new monsters?
The dojaguma itself is a pretty strong monster even if it's a single monster it's a pretty big monster but when it's in a high-discharge environment it tends to become more aggressive and become more aggressive that's the kind of monster it is but there is a group of them the dojaguma as you'll have seen in the presentation is a very strong and vicious monster I mentioned that we have packs and herds of monsters this time around and they all have their own different behavior even when they're a group it doesn't just mean it's the same monster times three or times four I really wanted to have a kind of individual behavior show through so while the balahara sand serpent type creatures you've seen they sort of act cooperatively to bring down prey in a group even when they're a pack I think the dojaguma are kind of competitive with each other they can move around together but they can also fight each other over prey and that kind of thing I think you'll definitely notice a certain personality not just from each monster but how they act as a group they're not just a happy family together they could be as much of a danger to each other as they are to you so that's a really interesting aspect of how we approach the creature design and making sure it feels like a very convincing and plausible ecosystem before I ask my last question let me ask you about two specific mechanics that I loved during the demo one was the different traps that you can set very quickly even if you're writing, if I'm correct and the other one was the shooting it seems improved so what can you tell us about these two specific mechanics that you guys used to hunt down the dojaguma with the bowguns in previous Monster Hunter games they were a little bit more about precisely aiming each shot at the monster so with Monster Hunter Wilds we wanted to make it a little bit more easy to do sort of rapid fire gameplay and feel more like sort of shooter-ish with these weapons you will have noticed the focus mode that we showed off in our presentation as well this applies to blades as well as guns but it's a mode where you can wound the monster and then specifically aim to do high damage attacks at those wounds that actually works really well with the guns because it makes total sense when you're swinging the gun around to aim it I think that really brings the gun gameplay to a new level in Wilds yeah there's a lot you can do while mounted on your sacred from using items, sending up an SOS flare sharpening your blade and as you mentioned environmental action traps like using your hook slinger to pull down falling rocks and that kind of thing you can also do that whilst riding around on the sacred so I think it's going to be a really useful hunting companion it follows around behind you even when you're not on it and you can whistle forward at any moment to jump on and do these kind of interactions so it's really cool ok final one real quick I just wanted to say Wilds is fantastic at this point in time it's going to release in 2025 no long answer please it performs fantastically it looks great so I mean how are you at this point in time in the development and looking forward to the release next year just that you can do this one for a change what we've shown you so far is just a small part of the game it's a huge title I hope you look forward to hearing more about it in the next few months and when the game comes out in 2025 I'll be looking forward to joining us on the hunt as well I'm looking forward to Gamescom already so thank you so much for your time arigato gozaimasu"

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