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      Critter Café

      Pha cà phê cho Fantasy Beasts - Critter Café Phỏng vấn

      Chúng tôi trò chuyện với Eleanor Gregory, tâm trí đằng sau trình mô phỏng quán cà phê lành mạnh Critter Café.

      Phiên âm âm thanh

      "Hi friends, we're in LA for the Summer Game Fest and we're taking a look at a game That's probably the coziest and the cutest that I've seen so far But it's also very deep in terms of systems and interesting mechanics and it was revealed just this very moment Morning in the wholesome direct. Thank you so much for joining us Eleanor Critter Cafe is about critters and a cafe, but it's got a lot more to it So what's the elevator pitch for this game?
      Yeah, so Critter Cafe is a game that is all about finding fantastical creatures known as critters that are in need of your help and Building a cozy home together with them in your rescue cafe Okay, and there's a lot of customization options for both your cafe your character I don't know about the creatures I get those are like pre-designed What can you tell us about that about the way you can express yourself by customizing the character and the cafe itself?
      Yeah, absolutely. So with customization, we really want to promote freedom of player expression So player customization options are all genderless There's nothing locking you in or out and also you are of course refurbishing your cafe so plenty of different furniture aesthetics and styles for wallpaper and flooring to customize your cafe with two and that includes also Bunch of dresses and really nice fancy eyes really nice fancy eyes. Yeah, you got it okay, so in the cafe itself you have to deal with customers and their Requests and you also have some minigames to sort of deal with them Yeah So when you open the cafe you'll be able to have customers come into this space that you've designed and you'll be able to manage Fulfilling their requests by way of running around and mastering small minigames to be able to give them the best visit possible And then the creatures are like roaming around your cafe Yeah, so you can ask the critters to spend time in the cafe while you're running a shift as well They'll be there present and spending time with customers too and for people to understand the gameplay loop for the critters to be there They have to be firstly Rescued yes. Yes. So over time you'll be finding out about critters that are in need of help out in the world So you'll be able to go out and rescue them extend a hand to welcome them to a cozier home in this cafe from where?
      They've been stuck and for you to rescue them. It's a little bit of Fun adventure quest you go you leave the cafe you go into the world It's an open world kind of open world you find these portals it has some fantasy to it and then you enter a sort of a dungeon to solve some puzzles and Yeah So you'll find these portals out in the world that you're able to open and jump into this Strange world on the other side where these critters have found themselves stuck in and then you'll be solving some Environmental puzzles to find your way through these rifts and rescue the critter that's on the other side Tell me a little bit more about the design of the creatures themselves because they're very interesting some of some of them are Inspired by real animals some of them are really crazy design Yes, they're with critters or a couple of inspirations Some of them are our own fantasy twists on real-world animals and then some of them are based on fancy creatures themselves such as dragons or Phoenix's that are the kind and You guys are with sumo Newcastle So we're with sumo Newcastle and published by secret mode What can you tell me about your your your background guys, it's it looks really good Animation cutscenes are it really looks fantastic already. Thank you. Yes So so this is critic cafe is a project that came from my pitch as a game jam project I've had a small team working on this project throughout the year and it's been really amazing to see it develop Previously, we have a completely opposite contrast. We have desperate 66 coming out this year as well You know, we've kind of got the wholesome and then they're less wholesome perhaps So yeah, it's a it's a year for us. Yeah, and and what about those cutscenes and the art and and the way the world is Portrayed is really like it's it looks very It looks fine already. It looks really good on the open world side. Oh, thank you very much Yeah, I'll be sure to pass it on you the team's been doing amazing work on creating our code of wholesome cozy style You know leaning into these are your sock colors and this chibi style. So yeah, we're really happy with it And how do you feel about the reveal earlier this morning and The few reactions you've got already because it's been very it's been amazing It's everyone's been so lovely and you've had such a positive response. Like I mentioned this started as my own game jam project So it's been absolutely unreal to see you know a trailer for it in a wholesome direct this morning So yeah, it's been incredible and what's the status of the project it as I said, it looks fantastic already When are you guys releasing on which platforms? What are the release details?
      So we're looking to release this year and we're releasing on PC and switch Fantastic. Thank you so much for your time Eleanor and enjoy the show. Yeah. Thank you for coming to see us"

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