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The Axis Unseen

Nhà phát triển duy nhất của The Axis Unseen cho chúng ta biết về trò chơi hành động kinh dị thế giới mở tại Guerrilla Collective Showcase

Chúng tôi đã gặp Nate Purkeypile, người sáng lập nhà phát triển độc lập và là người sáng tạo duy nhất làm việc trên trò chơi hành động kinh dị thế giới mở The Axis Unseen, tất cả trong chuyến thăm của chúng tôi đến Guerrilla Collective LA Showcase như một phần của Summer Game Fest.

Phiên âm âm thanh

"Hello everyone and welcome back to Gamereactor. We're still at The Mix.
It's loud, it's crazy, it's chaotic. It's exactly what you want from The Mix.
And I'm currently here right now with Nate to talk about The Axis Unseen, which is a really impressive project because you're building it on your own."

"Yeah, I am the only actual developer.
I got someone to do the music and some drawings and writing, but I'm the only one actually in the editor building models, systems, everything.
But you're used to this sort of work because you're a bit of a veteran on open world games, which is what The Axis Unseen is about, right?
Yeah, I worked for 14 years at Bethesda."

"So I worked on Skyrim, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Starfield, quite a few.
And tell me a little bit about The Axis Unseen then.
Why should people be excited about this game? What is it bringing to the table?
So it's a heavy metal horror game and it's kind of like a hunting simulator where the creatures can smell you and all that, but instead of creatures running away like they do in the regular hunting games, it's giant monsters that are going to eat your face."

"So a lot to be concerned about when we're roaming around this big open world.
Yeah. I mean, some of them are like 30 stories tall.
So there's quite a range of monsters.
And I've seen while watching some of the gameplay here, there seems to be some quite interesting mechanics that you're putting through here."

"What kind of sort of combat systems are you putting in place here involving when we're hunting down these sort of really quite unusual and mythical sort of creatures?
So there's three sort of main types of combat that you have.
You have your bow and you get various elemental arrows like fire and wind."

"But then you can also stab things if they get close, which is not the ideal strategy, but it'll work and do a lot of damage.
And then you also have lots of magical abilities that you can unlock to like summon stone walls or see the scent particles of the creatures and track them down."

"So it's not necessarily a specific way to play.
That's something you're encouraging, letting people tackle the situation their own way, even if it is, you know, arguably not the right way.
Yeah. Like it's safest to be sneaky and, you know, take the shot from a distance."

"But I have private playtests going now, and some people just sprint and stab everything, which is difficult, you know, to stab Bigfoot in the face.
He'll punch you off a cliff, but it's possible.
If you've got the gall to do it, why not do it?
So you say that you're running playtests right now, private playtests."

"Have you got any plans for when the Axis Unseen is going to be coming out?
Yeah, I just announced with the trailer yesterday that it's going to come out in October of this year.
And that's going to be on PC and any other additional platforms?
PC for sure. Consoles to be determined."

"Well, there you have it. PCs for sure. Consoles to be determined.
But either way, make sure to go check out the Axis Unseen.
It's coming out later this year, so definitely check it out.
And if you like hunting monsters, well, if you like hunting big monsters, actually, this is one for you."

"But, yeah, this has been a Game Rant interview, and we'll see you all on the next one.
Take care."

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