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      Wonder Woman

      GRTV News - Tin đồn: Phát triển trò chơi Wonder Woman gặp khó khăn

      Trò chơi Wonder Woman của Monolith có thể sẽ không được lên kế hoạch.

      Phiên âm âm thanh

      "Hello, welcome to another GRTV News, I'm Alex, as always covering the afternoons latest when it comes to gaming, gear, technology, entertainment, whatever you like indeed, whatever you love, we always have it here for you at GRTV News and in the wider Gamereactor network as a whole, so if you like gaming reviews, gaming previews, movie reviews, exclusive content and so much more, be sure to check out Gamereactor wherever you get it from, but without further ado, today we have some troubling news about Wonder Woman's development, the Wonder Woman game coming from Monolith Studios, who if you're not familiar, Monolith Productions I believe it is, sorry, who created the Shadow of War and Shadow of Mordor games, known specifically for the ability to sort of make orcs your friends, slash have them come back, the nemesis system, where orcs would be, you know, in this game, able to be controlled and become allies as well as become enemies that you would remember, going all the way from a small runt to a complete war chief. Now, Monolith did announce this game back in 2021, we can see a very young Ben Lyons over here, just sort of getting on with things, although I suppose not young, is young the word? He's got a bushier beard there, in any case, sorry, but 2021 was the time that we saw Wonder Woman get announced and we've not really heard anything from it since, we've heard that it's going to have the nemesis system somehow, it's going to be a single player game, open world, sort of exactly like Shadow of Mordor or Shadow of War you'd expect, except it's going to be Wonder Woman based. Apparently WB Games Montreal who made Gotham Knights is also sort of joining on to help, but apart from that we've not really heard anything in terms of when we might be getting this and it seems like we're not going to hear anything any time soon either, there was some hope that we would see it at the upcoming Summer Game Fest show, however, Kind of Funny's Greg Miller has come in and said that he heard this year from an insider that the game is troubled and that development isn't where Monolith would have liked it to be. Unfortunately, this is just something that happens sometimes in games, it's not necessarily surprising although it is disappointing, not to say that I didn't have any hope for the Wonder Woman game or anything like that, but basically if you don't hear anything 3 years from when it was first shown, and even then that's just a small cinematic reveal trailer, if you've not heard anything in 3 years and you've not seen anything it's safe to assume that things aren't exactly going well. It's a game that we would love to see because Monolith usually gets things really right and especially because with DC games this year the main standout example is Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League which was an absolute disaster for Rocksteady even if the game itself was middle, middling, the fact that it was live service turned a lot of people off, the fact that it didn't have what people thought Arkham was great for turned a lot of people off and so we're really looking for Wonder Woman to restore that. But let me know if you think that Wonder Woman will be coming out any time soon, will it be getting a look at a new look any time soon, what do you think of this news, do you think it's trouble, let me know all that and more and I'll see you tomorrow for another Cheat Off TV News, goodbye."

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