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Tin tức GRTV - Samsung tăng cường phạm vi màn hình chơi game với màn hình OLED Odyssey mới

Samsung đã giới thiệu cho chúng tôi OLED G6 và G8 mới gần đây và Alex chia sẻ suy nghĩ của mình.

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"Hello everyone and welcome back to GRTV News, I'm Alex as usual covering the afternoons latest and greatest when it comes to gaming, gear, technology, entertainment, whatever you like and indeed whatever you love. We've always got it here for you at GRTV News and in the wider Gamereactor network as a whole, so if you like movie reviews, gaming reviews, gaming previews, exclusive content and so much more, be sure to check out Gamereactor wherever you get it from. But without further ado, I thought we'd get stuck into today's Today we're going over that gear slash technology bit that I always mention but I don't think we've ever actually covered in one of my GRTV News pieces and that is the fact that we are looking at some new Samsung monitors. Now I got the chance to check out these monitors myself last week, on Wednesday I got to head down to London to see Samsung's new Odyssey G8 and G6, these new OLED models of the panels and I'm just thinking sort of, you know, out loud in terms of, yeah they looked sort of pretty good in terms of what I saw. So you've got the G8 and the G6, sorry for the little pause there by the way, I got a message on a work thing that looked pretty important but I'll check it after because I've got to speak to you guys first for the GRTV News that I love doing. So the G8 or the G8 OSD is a new OLED panel, the G8 goes up to 4K with 240Hz refresh rate, the G6 on the other hand is a smaller 27 inch screen that goes to 1440p at 360Hz. So the G8 at 32 inches by the way is sort of more of your higher end like fidelity monitor, you still get the OLED looks on both with the sharp colours and the deep blacks and everything there but in terms of if you're looking at, well I want to play CSGO or I want to play competitive games at a really high refresh rate, you might want to veer towards more of the G6 whereas if you want that really cinematic experience with 4K and your PC is good enough to run it by the way, you'll probably want to go with the G8. They both support FreeSync, they both support sort of built in cooling technologies and as I say they've got that nice OLED look."

"You can also flip them as well which I thought was really interesting when I was over there.
Just sort of people looking like they were about to pry the monitors off the screen.
But as someone who's seen the monitors I have seen that they look very good as well which is why I thought I'd do the news on this piece because I can give you more of my insight of what I actually saw when I was there. There were some other monitors as well but considering we're Game Reactor and not you know Smart Monitor Reactor, I thought I'd take a look at the Odyssey's first and foremost. But yes, they are pretty solid models but as you'd expect with all these fancy figures, they do come with a pretty nifty, pretty high price tag as well. It's £1,099.99 for the G8 and it is £799 for the G6. So that's quite expensive when you come to monitors considering that you're going to need to spend, to get the best performance out of these monitors, you're going to be spending upwards of a grand on the graphics cards to get the performance anyway. It's quite expensive. However, there's people out there that are willing to pay much more than this and Samsung is usually putting itself forward as a sort of world first in the monitor game. And while these aren't like the massive vertical screens that they had before, they are really interesting pieces of tech. So check out the article here. If you want more thoughts, as always, let me know and I'll see you in tomorrow's CRTV News video. Bye bye."

"Transcribed by https://otter.ai"

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