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GRTV News - Neil Druckmann: Naughty Dog "sẽ không phải là studio 'The Last of Us' mãi mãi"

Naughty Dog không chỉ muốn được biết đến mãi mãi vì một điều.

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"Hello everyone and welcome to another GRTV News, I'm Alex as usual taking you through the afternoons latest and greatest when it comes to gaming, technology, entertainment, gear, whatever else we get under that banner. If you like it, if you love it, it's here at GRTV News and it's also in the wider Gamereactor Network, so if you like movie reviews, gaming reviews, gaming previews, exclusive content and so much more be sure to check it out wherever you get your Gamereactor from. But without further ado, let's get into today's news piece and we're talking Neil Druckmann, we're talking The Last of Us. I realise the last two couple of news pieces I did weren't really gaming related so I thought we'd get back to the gaming of Gamereactor with this one and it's about maybe moving on from The Last of Us, Naughty Dog not being The Last of Us Studio forever. Which is nice to hear to be honest because it's always good to see that developers, even if they're defined by something, might want to move on from that and define themselves by something else. Remember that Naughty Dog used to be the Jak and Daxa developer, then it used to be the Uncharted developer and now we're moving on to it being The Last of Us developer. But I'll just get the quote here from an LA Times interview, not, Ben notes here in his piece, not a fabricated one from Sony which I reported on last week which was full of Druckmann allegedly singing the praises of AI and stuff like that. I reported on it very soon after that interview dropped and then it turns out that Neil Druckmann himself has since said that that wasn't what he said in the interview at all. So if you're watching Neil, apologies for that as it was then proven to be completely false. The interview got taken down, it was that false. So yeah, very interesting stuff. But this LA Times interview is legit and Druckmann says, I promise you we will not be The Last of Us Studio forever. Multiple single player projects are reportedly in development at the company and they've got some sort of philosophical core at the start. So we can probably expect sort of similar games. I wouldn't really see them suddenly going hey, we've got this new Metroidvania platformer thing, knowing that. I've just said that, I bet that's exactly what comes out next now that I've said I don't expect it. But no, I expect Naughty Dog to sort of work with what they do best and that is mostly sort of these narrative games that still have very strong gameplay systems at their heart but they have this philosophical narrative core as Druckmann alludes to. It's nice to hear that The Last of Us isn't going to completely consume Naughty Dog because to be honest after part three I think that they could really just sort of close that book and that chapter."

"I think there are a lot of people who are maybe even getting a little bored of The Last of Us. There's certainly a lot of controversy still surrounding it after part two and so part three could really just sort of wrap that up into a nice little bundle. We don't know what's happening with Nathan Drake or Uncharted but the fact that there's multiple lines in the fire at Naughty Dog is pretty nice to hear and it's good that not many of them are, none of them are multiplayer now that The Last of Us factions or the multiplayer title, whatever it was going to be called, has been officially canned. That is sad for a lot of people but at least it means that we're getting what Naughty Dog does best rather than another sort of churned out live service game that achieves nothing except tarnishing the reputation of a beloved studio. Looking at you Suicide Squad. In any case, let me know what you think about Neil Druckmann. What do you think Naughty Dog will do next after The Last of Us is done and I'll see you tomorrow for another GRTV News video."

"Bye bye."

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