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Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

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"Hello everyone and welcome back to another episode of GRTV news. Today I'm going to be talking a little bit about something that I think it's about time to talk about and that is the Furiosa box-office sales. Now there has been a lot of sort of hope about this movie that it's gonna perform really well."

"There's a lot, you know, massive budget, big stars, sort of that big sort of action blockbuster, the thing that you'd expect to drive ticket sales and to drive people back to cinemas. And there was hopes that it was gonna perform quite well. Granted I don't think anyone was expecting it to be like a billion dollar earner or anything like that because they're very rare these days and plus as well the Mad Max franchise has never been a massive earner. But there was still hope that this film was gonna make some money and it's really, really struggling by the looks of things. So that's what we're gonna look at today, the box-office statistics for Furiosa and Mad Max Saga."

"So yes, Furiosa is losing momentum in cinemas and performing worse than expected. The movie cost us still tens of millions of dollars from recouping its production costs. It should be said as well that the reason I wanted to talk about this today is because Furiosa has now been in cinemas for a week or so, over ten, around ten days, something like that. So this isn't, we're not expecting it to sort of get back on track now. The big days of Furiosa in the box office are behind it now. So we probably won't see much more money rolling at this point now which is shocking. But anyway, the fuel tank for George Miller's latest chapter in the Mad Max saga seems to be almost empty. Box-office ticket sales are disappointing and in total the post-apocalyptic film has only managed to earn a hundred and forty million dollars in ticket revenue. Thanks Box Office Mojo. Something that on paper sounds pretty good but it's far below what was expected of it. It's worth considering the film's considerable budget of 168 million dollars which does not even include the cost of marketing and in turn paints a pretty bleak picture for Furiosa right now as it doesn't look like it'll even come close to recouping its production costs."

"Have you seen Furiosa or Mad Max saga and why do you think audiences are not flocking to watch it? Now I'm gonna quickly go to Box Office Mojo real quick.
So first things first, here's the split of grosses for the film. Just shy of 50 million into the domestic market which is basically the US and then 65 million just shy of that in the international market meaning it's less than 150 million. Now that's already not particularly great but let's just quickly move to, if I can find it, the 2024 Box Office calendar. Now this is the bit that's really quite worrying if you ask me because here's the the biggest films of the year. Where's Furiosa? Just above Aquaman. Oh sorry that's the domestic calendar. I wanted the worldwide calendar. It's still not much better because Furiosa is 11th. 114 million. Now the reason why this I think this is a particularly worrying thing is because a Furiosa is struggling to keep pace with If which is a movie that is kind of like blown into the radar a little bit. It's only just so far beaten Civil War which is A24's sort of more expensive premium flick should we say. Like sort of this is unusual for A24 to produce a film like Civil War and Furiosa is just struggling to beat it. But the thing that I think is really shocking is this one here. Now I'm not saying that the Garfield movie is a bad movie or anything like that but the Garfield movie and Furiosa are open on the same day and the Garfield movie has earned 40 million more. I think that just shows kind of the state of the box office these days. You know I was looking at the Fall Guys numbers and thinking like this is not great for a film. You know the Fall Guys seems like everything that you should want from a box office film and it's only made 157 million and then Furiosa comes out and it's struggling to even do that. So it's very concerning I would say about the box office these days. But yes I don't think we're gonna see this film earn much more money now. I think this is I think Furiosa's best days at the box office are now behind it which to me is really concerning because I don't think we're gonna see it gets a sniff towards its production budget which means it's not gonna get sniffed towards overall budget when you include marketing which means we're probably not gonna be seeing another Mad Max film for a long time if ever because the Fury Road as good as it was Fury Road came out at a time when billion-dollar earners were almost commonplace. You'd get eight or nine of them a year and now all of a sudden and then sorry the Fury Road comes out and earn about four hundred and seventy million or something like that which is a lot of money and it you know financially for the film's sake it did well but the point is that Mad Max has never been a cash cow and they put a lot of eggs into into Furiosa's basket and it has not particularly panned out in the financial sense. Now granted we don't know how movie companies judge the streamers and sort of on-demand services these days and how they could have incorporated into the overall financial model because films are in cinemas for less time than they ever have been at the moment so maybe they are less concerned about ticket revenue these days and more concerned about that but at the same time I don't know I think it's a worrying situation for Furiosa especially with how much money this film has cost to make. But yeah let's know what you think about it you know have you seen Furiosa do you think that it deserves to do better do you think it's deserve it's done exactly as well as it deserves to do tell us all about in the comments below otherwise I'll be back tomorrow for 9x to your TV news of the week until then though hope you enjoy your Monday I'll see you on the next one take care everyone"

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